Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a global learning provider that was looking to enable growth for individuals and businesses through transformative learning experiences. With the 2020 pandemic, they needed to reinvent themselves in the way they communicate with their audience about their products and services.


The Solution

In collaboration with their amazing team of facilitarors and learning designers, we put together a series of videos to show how transparent and approachable Hyper Island is. These videos are being used in social media and workshop onboarding when a new student joins their programs.

Creative Approach

With a considerable limitation of budget and time, we have put together a set of videos using their own team instead of hiring actors or using stock footage. The art direction was inspired by their diverse colour palette and brand identity.


Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Production, Filming and Editing.

Client: Hyper Island Asia Pacific

Selected Works

Hyper Island Promo VideosVideo Production

OLLY 101 Health BitesSocial Campaign

OREO AR GameAugmented Reality

SMU Core CurriculumVideo Productionn

Instagram AR FiltersAugmented Reality