Burger King
Visual Identity

Visual Identity

In 2020, BURGER KING launched their new Visual Identity globally. The APAC team was tasked to ensure the brand was rolled-out successfully across all touchpoint in the region, from restaurant design, merchandising, packaging and digital.


Visual Identity Roll-Out

Visual Identity Roll-Out

With a clear plan of activating each category of the brand in Asia Pacific, I was able to proide thought leadership and creative direction within key design areas such as: Branding, Merchandising, Packaging, Uniforms, Restaurant Design, Menuboards, Social Media, Photography and User Experience.


Menuboard A.I. Testing

During the design process of Menuboards, we implemented a testing step using the 3M™ VAS (Visual Attention Software) to make better design decisions. It is a human-vision AI software that helped us test what users/consumers are likely to see at first glance. That enabled us to repeat and refine designs until our visual goals were met.


BK Café by Burger King

Burger King India was the first APAC market to launch the new visual identity of the BK Café. Together with the marketing team, we have put together a few names for testing and proceeded to develop guideline extension for the sub-brand and support markets with their design colaterals.


Plant-Based WHOPPER

We’ve developed a set of key visuals with different marketing stimulus while keeping the visual identity aligned to extend the concept to local markets needs.


Experiential Window Display

In order to help Burger King China team, we transformed a restaurant window display into an experiential and visually attractive way. We visualized a few scenes which helped the franchisee not only secure the space from the landlord but to provide a more engaging experience for the guests. The main idea was to ensure the space can be featured not only during the day but also during night time.


Role: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Art Direction and Motion Graphics

Client: RBI / Burger King

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